Monday, March 18, 2013

Make Money Online With Facebook and Twitter

Everyone wants to make money with social networking sites like facebook and twitter. So, I here brought an interesting site for making money by just liking the fanpage and following the people in twitter. So with the help of fanslave every normal person has the ability to make easy money with facebook and twitter.

Registration Procedure

fans-erhalten-88x31 At First Go This Link And Do Registration make-money-88x31

After successful registration follow the easy below steps.

Make money with Facebook
  • ·         After successful registration with Fanslave, login the fanslave account with user name and password.
  • ·         After successful login, go to the facebook overview present by the side of home tab.
  • ·         Then allow the fanslave to accept the terms and condition for joining it to facebook.
  • ·         Then after some facebook fanpages with be present on the left side of the facebook overview, when you click that add or page it will redirected to new tab.
  • ·         There you have like that page and after then again you to come back to fanslave and click the UPDATE.
  • ·         When the update process is completed 3 or more points are credited to your fanslave account.
  • ·         You need to follow these steps daily to earn more and more credits.
Make money with Twitter
  • ·         To earn money or credits with twitter you need to go to twitter overview.
  • ·         First you have to add twitter account in fanslave and again delete it to prevent loss of credit.
  • ·         Then click the twitter sites and follow them with your twitter account.
  • ·         After then again come back to fanslave and click for update.
  • ·         So again 1 or2 credits will be added to your account.
So following the above steps daily we are in a position to make money with facebook and twitter. When the credits in our account reaches to 3000 or more we can convert it to cash and transfer it to our Paypal account. 3000 credits will be equal to 15 Euro which will be great revenue by sitting at home.
You can earn more and more credits by referring your friends and natives. So by referring friends your income will be increasing more the 15 euros which is too great. So I think this has article help you a lot in making easy money from facebook and twitter. Like us on facebook and also comment the post.

Given Below Details Procedure with Images in Step by Step










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